Recycling Guidelines

BAV is very sincere in our efforts to protect the environment through a comprehensive recycling program.  The following is the information that you need.
What can be recycled in the dumpster area of BAV:
  • Cardboard goes into the two dumpsters on the left.  Be sure to flatten all boxes.
  • Beverage cans should be placed in the trash cans next to the cardboard dumpsters.  They are redeemed for deposits.
  • Loose metals (food cans, etc.) go into the cardboard dumpsters.
  • Large metal such as folding chairs should be left next to the beverage cans.  The metal is sold with proceeds to the park.
  • Appliances will be collected and sold as scrap.  Contact the office and arrangements for pick up at your home will be made.
Some household items cannot be recycled or disposed of in the BAV dumpster area.  These must be brought to the Pinellas County Solid Waste Recycling Facility at 2855 109th St. in St. Pete (near the airport) by the resident.  These include:
  • Paint, Automotive Fluids
  • Household Chemicals, Pool Chemicals
  • Electronics, Batteries

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