The Property Committee works to ensure that the village is well maintained. Via periodic maintenance schedules, property tours or emergency response, the Property Committee identifies areas needing attention and works with RPM and the Board to address them. This is typically done by committee members directly, through volunteer efforts or via outside contractors. The Property Committee works with shareholders to ensure that modifications to their property are in compliance with current Rules and Guidelines. Members of the Property Committee are:
Mike Duffy....Chair
Mike Dingeldey
Dave Beebe
Joe Kedge
Gary Sterner
Click above to review Charter dated Feb 2015 
Property Committee Reports
BAV Maintenance Tasks
Click to see an example of a project timeline. Note: Property committee can help create a formal timeline
BAV Maintenance Manual
Item created by Property Committee to identify and explain in detail important periodic maintenance tasks
BAV Electrical Power Pedestal Study
All pedestals were inspected (spring 2024)
 Inspection resulted in many rusted pedestal electrical boxes. Recommend painting with (use Rust-oleum Professional type for spray paint or use the Rust-oleum Professional type liquid paint)
Telephone boxes need attention. Many are in dis-repair and should be removed or painted, or a new box/cover should be installed over the unsightly boxes.
BAV Drain Apron Condition Study
Addressed aprons on 1st and 2nd street. Not applicable to 3rd and 4th street aprons 
No concerns with 3rd and 4th street aprons
BAV Sewer Drain Basin Pics for Repair
Addressed drain basins on 1st and 2nd street. No concerns with 3rd and 4th street basins
Study shows example pictures and location of damaged basins and a short description to repair basins
BAV Club House Door Repair Study
No study performed. BAV Maintenance folks repaired inside and outside club house door panels
BAV Sewer "Force Main" Project
Pictures show various sewer line installations (System bleed down testing, joint couplers, pressure relief valves) 
Additional pics from contractor and schematics insert here (need action for this)
1. Same Contractor performed the removal and replacement of the street water sewer pipe in front of shuffle board court (Pics). And resurfaced the roadway from the shuffle board court to the turn at the beginning of 1st street. 
2. Same contractor replaced the cement pad in front of the large compactor (Pics)
BAV Gate Installation 
Pictures (OneTwo and Three) show various gate electrical and mechanical system installations
Meeting Minutes and Actions
Drainage Ditch behind fourth street
Irrigation Systems
Report - May 2024
Possible Individual Unit Seawall Drainage Pipes Clogged

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