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Posted on Oct 23rd, 2021

A big change from our old website to the new one is how multiple residents within the same lot are handled.  On the old site, there were fields for the information of “Resident 2” which is a spouse or significant other.  On the new site, each resident (spouse or significant other) can have their own profile.  This is excellent because every resident populates their own profile which allows them to be included in search results.  It also allows each resident to add their own photo if desired.
Adding a Level Two member is quite simple (you can add up to ten Level Two Members):
1.      The Level One member logs into the website
2.      Click on Your Profile
3.      Click on add in the sentence at the bottom beginning with “You may add….”
4.      A new profile will open and you can populate it with the Level Two information just like the Level One member profile

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