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Posted on Jan 31st, 2022

The BAV Board spends a lot of time assembling the various committees that support us.  People willing to serve, many with specific skill sets, are identified, contacted and encouraged to join a committee.  We try to balance the makeup of all committees regarding full time vs. seasonal residents, male vs. female, etc.  A committee chairperson must be identified and approached.  All committee members must be approved by the Board.  It’s a lot of work!
The reality is that committees are the backbone of all homeowners associations (HOAs) and BAV is no exception.  We have nine ‘standing’ committees covering most aspects of the BAV environment.  We may also appoint ‘temporary’ committees to handle a special project.  The committees do the heavy lifting within their charter, researching best practices, preparing budgets and action plans and bringing the fruits of their labor to the Board for approval.
We thank all of the curren t committee members whose efforts make BAV the great residence that it is.   We are truly blessed to reap the benefits of your hard work.

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