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Posted on Apr 13th, 2021

Under the Fair Housing Act, if a resident desires to keep a service or support animal on the property based upon an asserted disability, he or she must establish entitlement to the accommodation by demonstrating that they are disabled and that the presence of the animal is necessary to provide an equal opportunity to use and enjoy the dwelling or the common areas. If there are credible facts supporting a request, the accommodation must be made or the Association could face significant liability for refusing the accommodation. Please note, many disabilities are psychological in nature and may not be readily observable by other individuals.
Rest assured that the Association has followed all legal protocols and other requirements associated with the granting of all accommodations, having been provided with sufficient credible facts and medical documentation to support the requests. 
Additionally, please be advised that under no circumstances will the Association tolerate harassment of individuals who have service or emotional support animals, and all harassment of such must immediately cease.  If the Association receives reports of any further harassment, the Association will take all appropriate action to protect the rights of its residents in accordance with the governing documents.
Thank you for your anticipated cooperation,
Natalie L. Poland

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