Bowling League - Winter Session

Congratulations to ROLLING THUNDER who are champions of the 2024 winter league!  We had many new bowlers and all who played had a great time!
So, the final individual leaders were................
Women's High Averages: Nena Mahoney (147), Fran LaBonte (133), Barbara Lumb (129)
Men's High Averages: Keith Bininger (172), Gary Atwood (171), Dick Shirk (168)
Women's High Scratch Series: Nena Mahoney (503), Fran LaBonte (458), Barbara Lumb (441)
Women's High Handicap Series: Nena Mahoney (659), Nancy Varna (636), Mary Beeley (633)
Men's High Scratch Series: Gary Atwood (603), Dick Shirk (598), Keith Bininger (572)
Men's High Handicap Series: Terry Henslee (720), Neil Oliveria (705), Dick Shirk (694)
Women's High Scratch Game: Nena Mahoney (194), Claudette Bininger (179), Mary Beeley (167)
Women's High Handicap Game: Claudette Bininger (259), Mary Beeley (251), Nena Mahoney (246)
Men's High Scratch Game: Dick Shirk (233), Keith Bininger (229), Gary Atwood (223)
Men's High Handicap Game:  Neil Oliveria (273), Dick Shirk (269), Terry Henslee (267)
For a complete listing of final standings, individual averages, etc., click here
For complete standings, statistics, charts, etc., click here, then enter League ID 11405 and click the magnifying glass icon.  Scrolling down the left side will show you all of the views. You may want to save this link as a favorite in your browser so you can access it without going through the BAV website.

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