Bowling League - Fall Session

The 2022 Fall League wound up the season on Tuesday, 12/13 and congratulations to the champs: The Warriors with 56 points!  Magnolia finished in second place followed by The Famous Alley Cats.
Here are the final leaders:
High Team Scratch Game:  Magnolia (692), Tampico (669), Magic Markers (653)
High Team Scratch Series:  Magnolia (1923), Magic Markers (1883), Tampico (1881)
High Team Handicap Game:  Tampico (877), Magic Markers (875), Magnolia (872)
High Team Handicap Series:  Magnolia (2589), Magic Markers (2483), Go With The Flow (2478)
High Woman's Scratch Game:  Kathy Shirkey (207), Fran LaBonte (195), Nena Mahoney (194)
High Woman's Scratch Series:  Fran LaBonte (536), Nena Mahoney (518), Kathy Shirkey (513)
High Woman's Handicap Game:  Kathy Shirkey (251), Jennifer Henslee (247), Fran LaBonte (244)
High Woman's Handicap Series:  Fran LaBonte (683), Jennifer Henslee (652), Kathy Shirkey (648)
High Man's Scratch Game:  Bob Bergholtz (259), Gary Atwood (239), Keith Bininger (227)
High Man's Scratch Series:  Keith Bininger (641), Bob Bergholtz (636), Gary Atwood (585)
High Man's Handicap Game:  Gary Atwood (281), Bob Bergholtz (268), Sigy Estremera (245)
High Man's Handicap Series:  Gary Atwood (711), Sigy Estremera (687), Bob Berkholtz (662)
For all statistics visit and enter League ID 11405 in the top left corner and click on the magnifying glass.
Feel free to reach out to Claudette Bininger at, or at 978-479-9400 with any questions, comments or suggestions.

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