Bowling League - Fall Session

The Fall session of bowling is well underway with seven teams competing for First Place.  Standings through 11/16 are:
1) Tradewinds
2) Tampico
3) Warriors
4) Jacobsen
4) Magic Markers
6) Liberty
7) Magnolia
Season High Scores:
Team Scratch Game:  Magic Markers  667
Team Handicap Game:  Magic Markers 903
Team Scratch Series: Tampico 1807
Team Handicap Series: Magic Markers 2504
Women's Scratch Game: Fran Labonte 182
Women's Scratch Series: Fran Labonte 474
Men's Scratch Game:  Keith Bininger 259
Men's Scratch Series:  Bob Bergholtz 609
For complete standings and statistics, go to, enter League ID 11405 and click the magnifying glass icon.  You may want to save this link as a favorite in your browser so you can access it without going through the BAV website.
Also, with an odd number of teams, we are looking for one more team if anyone is interested.

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